Saturday, June 19, 2010


Assalamualaikum w.b.t and hye ol!!

As if ade orang will read this small venture blog of mine kan..haha. Tapi who cares,buat ape ade blog if there is nothing on the wall of it..=D.Loooong2 time ago,there was a girl who talked big on how a blog is not a thing for her,"aku bukan ade ape pon nak tulis kat blog,i'm not an artist"..but now tengokla,sehari suntuk try nak adjust itu and ini for her blog to look as georgeous as her,stop talking crap makcik!!huhu

Okayh,memang im having a dream of owning a blog for some reasons.nak list ke? x sesuai kot,ko bukan sape2 la..Pamela Anderson pon of course lagi hot if compared to you!..yela2,my asset is not as big as her,aku sedar diri..-.-' I really want to improve my writing skills actually,on how to narrate a story nicely even words pon added with PERKATAAN BAHASA MELAYU and BAHASA INGGERIS..sgt skema its okla,mule2 rojak buah,nanti rojak ayam pule,lagi class!!hehe,merepek,there are lots of ways to improve and this is one of it.Just grab the chances as long as it will not harm myself mcam polka dot yang muncul kat kulit ni..=p

2nd,i want,in years of time,my children can read this blog(amek kau,bertaun taun punye cerita kene bace,x pe,aku akan pakse korang bace sejak taska!!..hee)..Let them know how their mother's journey of life could brought them up,kalau panjang umur laa,InsyaAllah..But the main reason why i build this blog is because i want to let myself out, the real me, nurul amira yang die sndiri kenal because even orang tu very2 close to myself pon,i cant ensure whether he/she really know the real amira..

Im sure u ol are wondering why i chose Me,myself and I,an Odyssey of Life as my blog name kan???ceh2,mcam hebat je soalan tanye kat orang 2..hehe..I really heart the word odyssey since the day i could remember,perghhh..odyssey tu means "An extended adventurous voyage or trip" or "An intellectual or spiritual quest", so as i really think a life as a journey,experiences that always evolve in a human life and will never have an endpoint or a fullstop, i chose odyssey instead..x kan nak chose journey pule, sangat cliche ok..Tu la ceritanye..penatnye taip,kan bes if blog ni bile kite cakap je da tertulis for others to read..sumone,tolong invent!!arahan Puan Besar Amira..gile,tp mmg besar pon..haha

So,from filling this post with craps and trash thinggy,i,nurul amira muhammad azha officially launch a blog of myself with the name Me,myself and I, an Odyssey..(yey!!tepuk tangan sorang2)(p/s:ade bunga api sikit2 plus an explosion of cut ribbons)=D..thank my friends,amirah,aida n lain2 yg oready owned a blog, u ol has a new gang now!! yippee

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