Monday, June 28, 2010

academic writing or craps writing??

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and holla frens.. (:

just finished washing my eyes with new faces(freshie lelaki byk dol..haha)..Today only has two periods of class with Dr.Rashidah(academic writing??felt like in johannesburg stadium kot tadi.brangan tenga tgk game and tibe2 muke player tu macam Dr.,tu yang terkejut tu..hehe,agak2 Dr. team ape??brazil ke ghana ke or england yang da di kick out,huhu,ok,stop it amira,bola tu x penting,bulat je,x handsome pon..-.-')and i used all the other time by wasting it,quite bored,1st day la katakan..Happy meeting my friends here in ib and the most popular topic today is surely bout weight,some gain til 3 to 4kgs and some lost weight also(jeles nye..-.-')..yesterday is bout unpacking my things,took hours kot until took a bath late at night.

my things yang sooo extremely few ye..huhu

yar,this is the makcik going to the construction site..(jangan main2 tau,makcik ni jadi buruh kat situ,kuat la pulop,minum lasindah kot..hehe)

p/s:10 kg before raya,debbie,do u dare??haha..let's go jogging then this evening..;p

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  1. lasindah?
    bukan ko minum jus mate 5 dr romzey ke?