Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a legend of flying macaroni

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and hye cute and cannot been describe readers..=)

today's entry tittle is based on a famous legendary story stared by double miera,the cutest sisters on the block..huhu,so exaggerate okeyh..=D,ok,so of course u ol are wondering who is the Miera's..
ni la the miera's..hehe,perasan macam name band je..=)

My name is amira n my other half is amirah and fyi,she is my bestie,from secondary school until now and 'unfortunately'(just kidding darl..hehe) i heart her so much..She'll be studyin audiology in Ukm startin next week and i'm wishing all he best in both worlds for her and please stay on the ground mierah although u'll surely find out life is not easy as it looks either too hard too live ur life to the fullest..huhu,u know what's the best rite??=),im also wishing the same things to all my will-living-a-university-life friends..=D

Dis morning(pukul 7 kot,mierah pon sangat wangi lagi tyme 2..hehe),i went to her house..dengan alasan nak blaja edit blog la konon..she is my sifu and im her 'toga' la today,ade gaya nabil x telinge aku??(sile sedar diri telinge anda capang..-.-')huhu,after arriving,chit chatting with her with the blur face,words,phrase and everything kot..lpas tu,sambung tido balik(sah2 kuat tido minah2 ini,haha)..after that we eat2,study2,eat2,study,eat2,study2(ok2,stooooop it,sangat melampau da..)

Dis is da best parts of our girls day in door today..haha

referring to the above picture kan,nak bagitau yang tu gambar macaroni,bukan megi,klip rambut fancy2 mahupun lebihan getah pemadam yang korang gentel kat atas meja yang slalu korang wat tyme dajah 1 dulu 2(sungguh sangat berhingus kan tyme 2??^^,cube ingat tyme lawan pemadam yang membuatkan duit habis sebab hari2 beli pemadam untuk berlawan..huhu..dan,eh2,terlebih plak cerite,sori2,hehe)..=D, mierah has a macaroni and cheese recipe which she downloaded ages ago(semangat my sayang ni,haha)..with all the determination,high spirits n will,plus with the cooking skills we have and inherit,we tried to cook the macaroni and cheese thinggy with the aid of kakak,amirah's family maid(nasib la jugak die tolong,tanx even though x tau she'll read this or not,mana la tau kan,hehe,=).)

The result was the clumsiness during cooking causes the butter to turn dark brown(peliknye and aliennye~~~) and macaroni yang berlambak lambak aeperti bubur lambak itu x habis and rasanya sangat muak seperti susu bayi yang dicapur cheese+mayonis burger otai and kitorang jadi hysteria and kitorang naik bumbung and kaki mierah da nak terjun and,ops3,terlebih sudeeeh..hehe,until the phase of hysteria je actually..=D,tapi x pela,pengalaman kot,haha..kan3 mierah??

in the nutshell,it was a fun day hang out with her and juge akmal yang tibe2 pelik hari ni(mierah,nak culik bear biar die x dapat tido!!,jahatnye minah ni,hoho),tanx beb..(",)

faces who'll be seen in klcc every weekend in a month time..haha

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