Friday, November 26, 2010

Day Seven: Four turn offs.

Assalamualaikum wbt and hye..

Its been things happening in my life tonite..stuck in the middle of a situation..a deep hollow in somewhere i called home..promising the exit door i hope will come in my life and everyone around me despite all the problems raised occasionally..left behind all the dark memories of myself in it..ok, stop with the melancholic phrases, everyone have their own problems, whether it shows or not, it is the matter of how they handle it..rite? we do love ourself, be positive amira, it is all you need darl~=) * calm mood*

so, the four turn offs:

1) belittling others and looking high at themselves
2) negative vibes peeps
3) forced others type* u're not the king lahh..*
4) never think of others feeling, opinion and etc, only themselves matter and should be pitied
* selfish*

p/s: i'm on the cloud 9..okeyh, sy gedik..=)


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