Friday, November 19, 2010

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

umi: i really love you even along x la tunjuk like dalam drama 2. serious.even bile along tengok umi batuk pon, i want to buy you cough syrup directly.. i know im not the greatest daughter in the world but i care, i love, and i will take care and love you forever.cant imagine if im losin u.hug,kisses

abah:i wont burden you more, i'll try..ure the best, love you..

angah: u enjoy r life too much angah..i always think of u, ur future, syg sgt kat angah wlaupon kite da x rapat like old days time kecik2..sob3.ingat Allah,ingat umiabah, ingat diri sendiri.

wa: slalu cari pasal ngan wa kan, 2 sebab along rase rapat ngan wa...bes kot menang kalo gadoh..tgk muke wa bengang..lurve u sis,ur rum will always been visited by me..

irfan: i'll always keep nagging for you to be in a safe track..x nak pisang berbuah dua kali..=). tau ifan xkan bace tp syg Je...

irham: along jage irham dari baby, along akan always jage irham even we always wrestle.syg ham.. hee

siti aisyah: sy x tau knape sy ltak name awk seriously sy syg awk,i never cry like bloody embrassing mcm 2 for a girl but i cried for you..awk sgt comel k even x pnah bgtau awk..huu.always be my bff k?=)

kman: awk kwan rapat sy wlaupon sy x pnah sembang ngan awk rase kite ade chemistry sbgai kwan yg baik,sekepale..awk baik.i'll always pray for you to meet ur miss perfect..=).syg awk laa,btol ni.huuu

NZAR: seriously sy x faham kenape kite bole jd mcm ni??tyme sem 1 dulu i think we were quite close, go on really well..i know i had changed a lil bit, i dunt know for good or what but i feel more like me so sorry for a year we lived together although i dont know what i had done to you..kadang2 sy rase mcm jahat sgt,jahil sgt,rendah sgt martabat bile sy ckap or asked sumting and u didnt even looked at me, gave me a sentence answer. i'm sorry if i did wrong things and actually sy syg awk sahabat..*sigh*

I: i feel guilty for giving u hope..i remember two weeks after knowing u i oready said i could not continue but u said,"x pe,kwan je kan" then things moved on really fast btween u and one point, i start realizing yang ni ke yang sy nak and jawapannye tak..i ended it and i hope u can move on well.. awk sgt3 baik,i know u can get sumone better tp if u want to wait, im no one to stop it...its sumthin which oready been stated,its called jodoh..

awk: sy x tau la awk bace ke x tapi nak tulis jgak*degil ye,kepok pale sy kwn2,huu*..da lame sy x rase mcm ni, phone always in my hand, wlaupon x de msej nak jugak hold my phone,even sy slalu ego x nak anta mesej dulu tp sy slalu tunggu mesej awk,siyes..lame da sy x rse mcm ni or x penah pon rase mcm ni.huhu..ape2 je la ayat mcm kel*ng amira ni..-.-". sy harap awk paham ape yg sy maksudkan(kalau awk tau ni pasal awk laa C.M..btw, sy x kan panggil name mcm tenuk awk uh yg org lain panggil awk.aha..).=p

p/s: sebenarnye nak tulis kat smua org tp limit 10 je kan.tulis je yg mane all my skoolmates(mierah,zufie,billa, nad,hyfaa, lissa,eda,dzatil,n smua laaaa) and colleageus ..n korang noticed x makin lame makin panjang what i said above, huu, mood menulis makin mekar kot bile da nak habis.=)

gudnite all.

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